May 28, 2023
14 years of Bitcoin, what next?

14 years of Bitcoin, what next?

In the past week, the crypto-market showed a slight rise, still keeping favorable positions for entry into long-term investing. The current rate of bitcoin is $20,800 and Ether is fluctuating at $1,570. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization rose to $1.03 trillion. Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 38.87%. The average daily total cryptocurrency market volume is $74.91 billion.

Today’s latest news:

It’s been 14 years since the white paper of bitcoin was published
The developer under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto published the White Paper of the first cryptocurrency on October 31, 2008. In 14 years, the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is $390 billion, with the daily trading volume of $32.7 billion, while the value of one coin exceeds $20,000.
It is quite relevant that in just eight months of this year, 70% of crypto millionaires have lost this status. There remain 29,497 addresses whose bitcoin assets were valued at $1 million. And in January alone, there were 99,092 addresses. At the same time, analysts predict that the price of bitcoin in the next 14 years could be in the range of $400 thousand to $1.2 million.

Hong Kong announces legalization of retail cryptocurrency transactions
Hong Kong authorities intend to legalize retail operations with cryptocurrencies, other digital assets and exchange-traded investment funds working with cryptocurrency. The government is preparing to repeal the current rule, which allows trading in digital currencies only to those with a wealth of at least $1 million.

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MoneyGram has expanded its integration with cryptocurrencies
MoneyGram has added BTC, ETH and LTC buying, selling and storing services to its mobile app. Against the backdrop of this announcement, the Litecoin exchange rate rose 10% overnight. The new functionality is being enabled by crypto exchange Coinme, in which MoneyGram made a strategic minority investment earlier this year. That investment followed MoneyGram’s move with Coinme last year to allow customers to buy and sell bitcoin for cash at 12,000 U.S. retail locations.

Dogecoin surged +80% last week
Dogecoin soared +80% last week and surpassed the $0.1 mark for the first time since May. And this, as always, is attributed to the activity of Ilon Musk. On October 27, Musk posted a video of him visiting the Twitter headquarters, after which the growth of the coin started. The next day, October 28, the coin added another +10% after Musk bought Twitter. Dogecoin is now capitalized at over $14.6 billion, eighth in the world ranking – above Cardano, which has $14.2 billion, and Solana, whose capitalization is $11.8 billion. It is expected that soon we can expect close integration of Dogecoin with Twitter, which will strengthen the coin even more.

Investors demand $57 million in compensation from Do Kwon
Terra co-founder Do Kwon has run into more trouble – a $57 million lawsuit has been filed against him by the affected investors in a Singapore court. In the document they accuse the businessman of fraud with UST.

Kraken launched a beta version of the NFT marketplace
Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced the launch of the beta version of the NFT-marketplace, which presented about 70 collections on Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Kraken NFT will not charge a gas fee for purchases and sales within the Kraken Marketplace. A fee is provided only when NFT moves out of the platform.

Briefly on other news of the week:

Tether continues to ramp up issuance – 1 billion USDT issued today
Investors and users of USDT do not need to worry about this: Tether’s assets have been repeatedly audited and their collateralization with U.S. securities has been confirmed.

Nissan has registered crypto-related trademarks
It will get the right to use its own brand and its cars in the areas of NFT, Web3 and the meta universe

Meta announced the ability to create its own NFT collections on Instagram
Soon we’ll be able to make and sell NFTs on Instagram, starting with Polygon. We can also now connect to Solana and Phantom wallet, and see information about Opensea NFT marketplace.

This is what the crypto news has been like this past week.
Remember: now could be a golden time for you to break into the crypto world and to get all benefits of the new era trend!

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