May 28, 2023
Expansion of USDC & Secret Fed meeting

In the past week, the crypto-market showed a consolidated movement, indicating the continuation of a prolonged crypto-winter. The current rate of bitcoin is $19,232 and Ether is fluctuating at $1,290. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization is $930.22 billion. Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 39.73%. The average daily total cryptocurrency market volume is $47.05 billion.

Today’s latest news:

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor promises a new bitcoin high in the next four years
What’s more, he’s confident bitcoin will reach $500k in the next decade. He also assessed the chances that bitcoin will replace classical gold as a conservative, money-saving investment because it cannot be controlled by the government. Muckle Saylor is the kind of dude who strongly disagrees with the phrase “all cryptocurrency investments are high-risk,” on the contrary: he calls bitcoin “the safest thing in an unstable world.”

Apple has allowed apps to be installed through the App Store in which you can buy NFTs
Pretty powerful and big event in the industry: Apple will allow developers to sell NFT directly in App Store apps, just like you pay for premium subscriptions or microtransactions in games. That is, as native and hassle-free as possible. This is a significant step towards integrating crypto-technology into traditional business.

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Decentralized sites and proxies from the TON blockchain
TON has released TON sites and TON proxies as planned. It’s a cool event, let’s review it in plain language.
TON is building a decentralized Internet, better known as the web 3.0-Internet. It’s analogous to the regular Internet, only deployed on a blockchain – which means it’s anonymous, secure, stable, immune to censorship and hacker attacks. Now TON has given out the next necessary components of this Internet – sites and proxies, and users can already visit and create web3-sites. What does all this mean for ordinary people? TON is all about Telegram. Let’s not forget that the injunction to integrate TON into Telegram will end in 2023. So now TON is preparing all the necessary foundation and infrastructure for web 3.0-internet, and in 2023 it will try to make a real breakthrough in terms of attracting users by making an attempt at integration. exchange received regulatory approval to operate in France was subject to rigorous review, particularly around anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, in order to receive regulatory approval. With this registration, will bring a suite of products and services in compliance with local regulations to customers in France.

USDC will be available in 5 new networks
Circle aims to bolster USDC’s market position as competition with rival issuers Tether, Binance is heating up and decentralized finance platforms are crafting their own native stablecoins. According to a statement, USDC will begin to circulate on the Arbitrum One, NEAR, Optimism and Polkadot chains by the end of this year, with plans to enter the Cosmos ecosystem sometime in early 2023.

XRP Up +10% on Positive Case with SEC
The value of the token climbed 12% after a judge rejected yet another attempt by the SEC to withhold internal documents. The court denied the SEC’s attempt to hide internal documents related to former commissioner William Hinman’s 2018 speech. The value of Ripple’s XRP token then began to rise, with the altcoin currently trading at $0.48, an increase of 12 percent.

Briefly on other news of the week:

The Fed will hold an emergency closed-door meeting on October 3
The market can expect unforeseen volatility on the back of this news.

Disney begins search for general counsel to work on NFT deals
Disney Corp. has launched a search for general counsel to work on transactions involving non-interchangeable tokens NFT, meta-universes, blockchain and decentralized finance.

Warner Music Group announces collaboration with OpenSea to expand Web3 opportunities for artists
In the last few years, Warner Music’s industry-leading approach has led to partnerships with a number of top players in Web3. This recent collaboration marks the latest in a series of efforts to build out the music company’s expertise in the space. 

This is what the crypto news has been like this past week.
Remember: now is a golden time for you to break into the crypto world and to get all benefits of the new era trend!

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