May 28, 2023
Crypto News: Mastercard supports crypto expansion, Bitcoin will fall to $11k?

In the past week, the crypto-market showed a consolidated movement, still showing favorable positions for entry into long-term investing. The current rate of bitcoin is $19,395 and Ether is fluctuating at $1,350. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization is $931.67 billion. Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 39.84%. The average daily total cryptocurrency market volume is $44.09 billion.

Today’s latest news:

Warner Bros. has released a Web3 version of “The Lord of the Rings”
This is a replacement for the traditional DVD. The film will be sold as an NFT package – it will include the film in 4K format, unpublished footage, lots of behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive collectible NFT.

Mastercard launches Crypto Source program so financial institutions can launch crypto trading
Mastercard today introduces Crypto SourceTM, a new program to enable financial institutions to bring secure crypto trading capabilities and services to their customers.
The 2022 Mastercard New Payments Index reported that 29% of respondents globally hold cryptocurrency as an investment, with another 65% indicating a preference for crypto-related services to be provided by their current trusted financial institution.

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Bitcoin made it into the Guinness Book
The first cryptocurrency has been written into the history of world achievement on several counts. Bitcoin is listed as the oldest cryptocurrency, the first decentralized cryptocurrency and the most expensive cryptocurrency. In addition, you can find several other bitcoin-related records in the book: the largest theft of a cryptocurrency, the world’s first confiscation of a cryptocurrency and even the largest cryptocurrency poker win ($1 billion).

USDT will appear in 24,000 ATMs in Brazil
According to a study from the Instituto Locomotiva, carried out in January 2021, Brazil still has 34 million unbanked adults – that is, people who do not have a bank account or do not use it frequently. Smartpay’s integration of USD₮ into its product will provide millions of people with the opportunity and access to the digital currency ecosystem and new financial revolution.

Bitcoin will fall to $11k. New forecast from Ton Weiss
Bitcoin may fall to $11,000 before it starts rising again, said well-known trader Ton Weiss in a new review on his Youtube channel. According to him, bitcoin is ready to bottom any day now. According to Weiss, there are two possible developments in the near future. Either the cryptocurrency price will consolidate until the end of the year, that is, it will continue to trade in a narrow price range, or bitcoin will soon expect another fall. It should be noted that previous forecasts of Weiss did not always come true.

The Middle East and North Africa have emerged as leaders in cryptocurrency acceptance
Between July 2021 and June 2022, these regions saw a 48% increase in cryptocurrency transactions. Latin America is in second place with a 40% increase, followed by North America with a 36% increase and Central and South Asia with a 35% increase in transactions for the year. The strongest increase in the number of cryptotransactions was in Egypt – by 221%, and in Saudi Arabia – by 195%.

Briefly on other news of the week:

50,000 BTC were withdrawn from Coinbase this week
The last time such an outflow was recorded in June. By the way, since the beginning of the year about 155,000 BTC were withdrawn from Coinbase

Elon Musk sees the end of the crisis in the spring of 2024
Elon Musk is very active in Twitter as always. He took part in a discussion about when the digital recession will end. The billionaire thinks we should wait for spring 2024.

Lionel Messi has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Bitget
The press release of the exchange said: “In this historic engagement, Bitget will team up with Messi to explore the areas of Web3, cryptocurrency and football. We’ll be revealing more developments as they come while Messi prepares for the World Cup 2022.”

This is what the crypto news has been like this past week.
Remember: now could be a golden time for you to break into the crypto world and to get all benefits of the new era trend!

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