May 27, 2023
The best crypto wallet

In an era of lockouts, hacks, and bank fraud, it’s hard to do without cryptocurrency. But where to store it? Which wallets are the best? Here is an overview of the best cryptocurrency wallets as of now.

There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets: desktop wallets, mobile wallets, cloud services, hardware wallets. There is no perfect one, you have to choose a wallet depending on your purpose. For long-term storage of large amounts of money, it’s best to use paid hardware wallets or at least software-based local wallets. For frequent transactions, you can use mobile and web wallets.

Ledger Nano
The French company Ledger has been producing its devices since 2014. Nano-X is the newest and most popular model with an expanded display and increased memory. Externally, the wallet resembles a flash drive, but it can also be connected via Bluetooth. The charge holds up to 8 hours. The cost – $149.
It takes about 30 minutes to set up and connect. Pressing a button is required to make transactions, which provides high security. You can interact with DeFi apps Uniswap, PancakeSwap, DeFiHelper by connecting your wallet to Metamask. The device is secured with a pin code. Nano-X supports over 5500 assets, including BTC, ETH, etc.
However, our experience tells us that Ledger does not provide any customer support even in emergencies. And even vice versa: after contacting support, the customer starts getting regular spam from Ledger.

Trezor Model One is the main competitor of Ledger Nano. The Trezor Suite desktop application is used to control the wallet. The device resembles a car lock key and connects to a PC using a standard USB-C. Model One is a new and improved model with a touchscreen. The wallet supports over 1200 assets, but unlike Ledger it cannot hold SOL, DOT, TRX and some other currencies. If you lose the device, the wallet can be recovered by a 12-word seed phrase.
Our experience tells us that Trezor provides excellent customer support even on weekends.

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SafePal S1
This is the first hardware wallet, in which the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance invested. The device cannot be connected via Bluetooth, USB-C, Wi-Fi. SafePal S1 has a microcontroller for operations, a secure chip for storing private keys and a built-in random number generator. There is also a mechanism for self-destruction of private keys in case the wallet body is tampered with. The device has a PIN code, charges via USB cable, and holds up to 20 days of charge.
The wallet works through the SafePal app, available for iOS and Android. Interaction with the app is via QR code or fingerprint only. The wallet supports 33 blockchains and more than 30 thousand cryptocurrencies; you can buy and exchange crypto directly in the app. The wallet price at the time of this review is $49.99.

This is one of the oldest bitcoin wallet software, launched back in 2011. You don’t have to download all 400 GB of blockchain. The wallet code is open-source, available for PC and Android.
During installation, you can create a standard wallet, with two-factor authentication or with multi-signature. You can also import an existing wallet with private keys.

This is a popular universal cryptocurrency wallet with a history dating back to 2015. It supports more than 200 tokens and several decentralized applications. It does not require a seed-phrase entry. The cryptocurrency account opens automatically and can be backed up later. Staking and integration with Trezor is available. Inside the wallet you can buy crypto from your bank card, exchange it on the exchange, see the statistics of your portfolio. The wallet has a user-friendly interface that can be customized. For beginner cryptoinvestors this is probably the best choice, given that it is free and reliable enough.

Some will wonder why our review does not include the acclaimed Metamask. The answer is simple: it has very limited options for adding new networks, the addition itself is quite time consuming, and in general our experience of using it left the saddest memories.

This is an overview of the major players in the market of cryptocurrency wallets. We are sure that these solutions are more than enough for any crypto-investor: from a beginner to a professional.

Remember: now is a golden time for you to break into the crypto world and to get all benefits of the new era trend!

Leave your comments, ask questions – we will be glad to help you! And be sure to subscribe to our channel: there is an ocean of relevant and useful information in the field of cryptocurrencies waiting for you here!

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